27 Jan 2017

New Book of Poems — out in the world!

Amid all the awfulness — how can it keep coming at us this fast? — my new book of poems has made it into the world. INSTRUCTIONS, ABJECT & FUMING — seems like the exact title of 95% of the Facebook posts I’m drawn to these days. It’s been ten years since I published my

25 Jan 2017

hold up! it’s free!

Okay, so I didn’t understand this before but “THE VIRTUAL SWALLOWS OF HOG ISLAND” is up at Tor.com as of today, for free. Enjoy. Share with others, if inclined… Click. 

24 Jan 2017

on writing, mid-career…

I went back to writing short stories this past year as a way to start over, to get back to my roots as a writer. (As a grad student, I’d have said I never intended to write a novel in my life.) What I really needed was a time away from writing, completely. But I’m

03 Dec 2016

Elves and Shelves.

Dave goes rogue and buys Elf on a Shelf. I say nothing. The next day, our 9 year old is upset because the Elf didn’t move or give her a gift or become engaged in an elaborate marshmallow fight instead it stayed in its box. Dave and I are alone. “So this Elf…” he says.I

01 Dec 2016


While reading John Irving’s In One Person, I remember stopping cold on this line, “By ’95 – in New York, alone – more Americans had died of AIDS than were killed in the Vietnam War.” I remembered walking through the city in the summer of ’89, seeing this young man stop to look at himself

12 Nov 2016

Introducing …

My daughter, sculptor Phoebe Scott, has new work — and I’m thankful for the strange beauty of her mind. For more, visit her site.

11 Nov 2016

Hypnagogic Hallucination Hunting…

I wrote this piece for Tor about my obsessive hunt for these pre-sleep hallucinatory slide-shows. Nabokov and Poe had them and wrote about them. I’d love to hear if other people A. have ever had them and B. want to try to recreate the experience. I’d love to hear how it goes. Yours in weirdness… 

08 Nov 2016

NOT ideal timing but …

Look, I know the timing is tough … what with it being an Election Day AND one of the most contentious and important elections of our lifetime. BUT my new novel comes out today so IF YOU WANT TO LOOK AWAY, YOU CAN LOOK HERE. A novel about a fifteen-year-old girl who realizes that she