18 Aug 2016

Kirkus on Infinity of You & Me

Kirkus on THE INFINITY OF YOU & ME Kirkus Reviews just published a review of The Infinity of You and Me — and it’s fantastic! “…The clever, fast-moving plot features a strong, appealing heroine, Sylvia Plath’s poetry, romance, betrayal, and heart-stopping suspense.”   See the full review here. 

21 Jul 2016

The Infinity of You & Me Coming Soon!

Baggott’s latest novel, The Infinity of You & Me, will hit bookshelves this November! It will be published under J.Q. Coyle, the joint pen name of Baggott and author Quinn Dalton. “A fantastically fun mind-bender from start to finish, The Infinity of You & Me will thrill its readers and leave them hungry for more!” – Karen

20 Nov 2015

New Asher novel in PEOPLE

ALL OF US & EVERYTHING, Baggott’s latest novel under her pen name Bridget Asher, is in the current issue of PEOPLE magazine as a pick for BEST NEW BOOKS! PEOPLE calls the novel “an engaging family drama” but also notes that it’s a “lively comic novel about stormy women and the spy (and other sexy

16 Nov 2015

Booklist loves Asher

“Similar to Nick Hornby’s A LONG WAY DOWN, Asher’s … novel rewards readers with an engrossing plot rich in witty and frank dark humor… Readers will linger on the story’s web of connections… Thoughtful and provoking.” – Booklist Click here for more!

06 Nov 2015

Baggott in Boston Globe

Click here to read an interview with Julianna in the Boston Globe where she discusses the making of her new novel HARRIET WOLF’S 7TH BOOK OF WONDERS, 18 years in the making. There are shout-outs to her mother, “a helicopter parent before there were helicopter parents,” the Worcester Public Library, one of her kids when he was in

22 Jul 2015

Click here for new book trailer!

See the trailer for Julianna Baggott’s new novel, Harriet Wolf’s Seventh Book of Wonders. The book goes on sale Tuesday, August 18! You can pre-order your copy now at any of your favorite on-line book sellers.

13 Jul 2015

Cosmo raves about Harriet Wolf

Harriet Wolf’s Seventh Book of Wonder is in the current issue of Cosmopolitan magazine! “The hunt for lit-genius Wolf’s final book is so on.” – Cosmopolitan magazine