08 Jul 2020

Hillary in Quaterly West

Last spring, Julianna had the flu. In her fevered state, she was reading & watching documentaries about both Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. They burrowed in, and she wrote a few pieces. Here’s “Hillary Rodham Clinton: A Fairytale with  Coyotes,” now available at Quarterly West.

29 Jun 2020

NY Times Style section!

Julianna’s piece, “Living in a Bubble,” was included in The New York Times Style section as a Tiny Love Story.  Scroll down four stories and you’ll find a great photo of Julianna, her youngest daughter and her mom. You can read it here online, but it also appeared in the print edition on Sunday, June

14 Jan 2020

Strange Horizons for Baggott

Julianna has a new story up at Strange Horizons — you can read or listen to the podcast. If you liked the first half of THE LOBSTER, maybe you’ll dig this. (It was inspired by the most aggressively affluent and eccentric in-flight magazine; one article was devoted to brandy being aged 24/7 with blaring opera

17 Oct 2019

Cincinnati Review!

Julianna’s story about gun violence in schools is up at The Cincinnati Review. She told it from the point of view of a kid as they’re the ones who are living it. This story was really disturbing to write. She hopes it messes you up.

17 Oct 2019

New Short Stories

Julianna’s newest short story is about sentient sinkholes, a fierce Girl Scout, and the impermanence of life. Read it here at Quarterly West. Julianna’s short story “Posey Girl” is a speculative take on the future of sex. It’s now available at Terraform.

21 May 2019

Pure at Fiction Riot

Julianna’s PURE TRILOGY is in development for television with BCDF and it was recently announced that the trilogy has been picked up by FICTION RIOT, alongside Marie Lu’s LEGEND and Diffenbaugh’s THE LANGUAGE OF FLOWERS and other great work. It’s a cool concept — 3-12 minute episodes that build the story through the mobile platform

24 Apr 2019

Latest essay at O. Magazine

Julianna’s latest essay is now up at O: The Oprah Magazine “By the time I was ten, I was my mother’s confessor. My older siblings were teenagers or already out in the world. I was the only one left, and she was bored and a little lonesome—or maybe, for the first time, she had the

09 Mar 2019

JB on Modern Love

Julianna’s essay in The New York Times Modern Love column — “Playing Role Reversal with my Therapist” — is read by Oscar-nominated actress Isabelle Huppert for WBUR’s Modern Love Podcast.     

09 Jan 2019

JB in Conjunctions

Julianna’s latest story, “Plastics,” has been published in Conjunctions, alongside stories by Joyce Carol Oates and Ann Beattie. The current issue is called “Cabinet of Curiosities,” and Julianna’s story features a teen narrator caught in an environmentally disastrous version of the Florida Panhandle.